Overweight Pedestrians Fare Better After Being Struck by a Car

April 4, 2013

According to a recent study at the NYU Langone Medical Center, the extra padding from being overweight can cushion a pedestrian from serious injuries.  Looking at the medical records for people who have been struck by cars or taxicabs, as well as speaking with the victims and first responders, the researchers theorized that the extra layer of fat can act as a cushion.  On the flip side, overweight people did not do as well once they were hospitalized

Other interesting findings included that 15% of pedestrians and 11% of cyclists who were injured had been drinking alcoholic beverages.  Eight percent of all injured had been using a cell phone or music player at the time of the accident.  This number increased to 10% of pedestrians and 30% of cyclists when the victim’s age is between 7 and 17.

It should not be suprising that 40% of injured cyclists and 25% of injured pedestrians were struck by taxicabs. 

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